Teen Facial

Acne Treatment

We understand how important a regular clinically proven skincare routine is for teenagers. We have advance training in teen facials. What may only start a few blackheads can turn into a full face of acne if not addressed quickly. Thats why we believe it is essential to start your teenagers on a good routine that will fit with her lifestyle and their skin needs. With hormones stress, and just growing up this can be a lot on ones skin.

What we can do

Our Teen Facial, exclusively designed for young skin under 18. Addressing teenage skincare concerns, this treatment promotes clarity and health, targeting acne, oiliness, and sensitivity. Tailored for delicate skin, it’s a vital step towards a clearer, healthier complexion.

Our pursuit

We have helped 100s of teens  achieve a healthier skin. We are the first line of defense in preventing full blown acne in teens and can tell a parent when it is time to seek medical help. Besides our advanced training in acne, we also have state of our tools that can help get acne under control such as Celluma, blue light treatments, micro dermabrasion, and clinically, proven skin care.

Pair this treatment with


Dermaplane is an exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. Enjoy the benefits of a brighter complexion and improved skincare absorption with this revitalizing service addon.



Jessica P. 
“Her space is a beautiful, relaxing environment. You leave feeling refreshed inside and out.”
Meagan B.
“I have been so lucky to know Brandi for over 5 years now! She has done incredible things with my skin and is always such a bright light to be around! She is the best in town!”
Sarina C. 
“Great business- always is professional and courteous. Product sale is amazing and the treatments make such a big difference with my skin.”

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